Please note: if it's your first time installing a theme, check this guide - 

How to install the theme via the admin panel?


Remember to make a backup, just in case anything goes wrong or you've made a mistake during the update process.


Please note that,If you have made modifications to your theme, you will need to study the changelog to see which files need updating. You can also compare your old modified file against the updated file with any good HTML Editor or use an online tool.


We’d suggest using child themes in any future theme modifications. This will save you the headache of comparing files and worrying about overwriting your modifications.

 If you use this theme on a network installation of WordPress (formerly called Multisite), you will need to click the "Save changes" button in each website's admin panel, in addition to the main network site. This will clear and regenerate any caches used by the theme, as such caches may be different for the different sites.

 This changelog is available in the theme section on our Help Desk. It’s worth reading to see if the changes made are worth an update for you and your site. Of course we always recommend to stay as updated as possible.



Update steps:


  1. Download the new version of the theme folder from your Themeforest account
  2. Extract the content of the folder on your hard drive
  3. Override the  wp-content/themes/"theme name" folder of your server  with  "theme name" folder from your freshly extracted folder (i.e. place your new "theme name" folder so that it replaces all old files) by using FTP.
  4. Set the cache permissions to 755 recursively.
  5. Login to your admin panel, navigate to Quick Setup and click the "Save changes" button (or any other admin link, just save the changes to update the CSS styles)

That's all!



1. Make sure you are running a compatible with the theme WordPress version. The latest WordPress version is not always compatible with the theme, because the theme update comes some time after the WordPress update has been released.

You can check which is the compatible WordPress versions in the theme's presentation page on Themeforest. If in doubt you can ask the Support Team.

2. Make sure that all plugins you are running are compatible with the theme version and the WordPress version.

3. Click on "Save Changes" button anywhere in the theme option panel in order to re-generate the CSS.