Step 1 Add a new page:

Please go to Admin panel >> Pages >> Add new

Step 2 Page/Post buider:

Please refer to the screenshot below

  1. Above the text editor in the top right side you will notice three tabs - Visual, Text, VamTam. By default Vamtam tab - the Drag & Drop page builder will be loaded.

    The VamTam drag & drop editor is tightly integrated with tinymce editor and you can switch to visual or text editor at any time without losing any changes.

  2. You have 24-25 elements to choose from. Click on or drag the element buttons to add shortcodes to the builder.
  3. Hover over the icon to get some help info.
  4. You can change the width of the element from the buttons on the left.
  5. Once the element is inserted you will see its block into the builder.Now you can change its position relative to the other elements by drag & drop. You can insert elements into some of the other elements - tabs,accordion, column / color box work this way.
  6. You can edit, clone or .toggle the elements from the buttons on the right.


You can also drag and drop the elements to change their order.


    You do not need to use the column/color box shortcode unless the layout is very complex, as the width of

    the elements is controlled by buttons +/- located on each element.

    Please note that some of the element's blocks have a toggle on the right side.


    You can open them directly in the builder and edit the text.