1. How to install the theme via the admin panel?
  2. How to import demo content and widgets?  

  3. How to set up the menu?  

  4. How to set up a custom menu?  

  5. How to set up a blog page?  

  6. How to set up a portfolio page?  

  7. How to create a page using "get the code"?  

  8. How to set up an inner page?  

  9. How to set up an inner page with custom menu?  

  10. How to create a custom sidebar?  

  11. How to add a sidebar and widgets to a page/post?  

  12. How to create a portfolio item with a gallery?  

  13. How to use the external css area?  

  14. How to save and import Skins?  

  15. How to add slideshow with video to a page?  

  16. How to add a slideshow with images to a page? 

  17. How to use multiple captions for a slide?  

  18. How to add and visualize a portfolio item in a new category? 

  19. How to add a portfolio item to a portfolio page? 

  20. Global options and page/post options