The theme fully supports Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro versions.

If you don't need the Events Calendar  plugin simply don't install it and all the features, codes and anything  required for the Event Calendar will not be loaded. Vice versa, if you  need to set up the Events Calendar just install it like you do with  other plugins. Once installed and activated, the Events Calendar menu will be added in the WordPress main navigation menu on the left.


Some of the functionality you see on the demo website is only supported by the Event Calendar pro, the Filter Bar and the Community Events paid add-ons. 

Here is detailed info what the Pro version includes in addition to the free Event Calendar version:

Event Calendar Pro

If you are new to this plugin please refer to the plugin author official in depth documentation:


Setting up an Event

  1. Please navigate to Events => Add New
  2. Choose the category, tags or event options from the panels on the right hand side.
  3. Set the Event details like - date, address etc.
  4. Set the Excerpt (optional setting), This text is shown in the listing views.
  5. You can use the drag and drop editor in case you need complex layout or particular functionality.
  6. Set the featured image (optional)
  7. You can also change the layout of the event post from the VamTam options below the editor.
  8. Publish.

Adding Events to the menu

  1. Please navigate to Events => Settings
  2. In the middle of the page find the "Events URL slug" field
  3. Copy your current events URL

4. Please navigate to Appearance => Menus
5. Add to menu the custom link with your current events URL
6. Save menu

There is a short cut to locate your calendar - please navigate to the Wordpress header menu => Events => View Calendar


If you don't see the map and the Upcoming events in the single event view:


if you see an event name instead of "Upcoming events" title, on the Events listing page, 

please make sure that the "Events Template" option (in Events > Settings > Display) is set to "Default Events Template":