In order to hide/change the Donate buttons in a single event view, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Please go to Dashboard > VamTam > General Settings > Single Event (Tribe) > After Details Content


If you need to simply edit the button link, you can replace the highlighted part of the code below with the URL of thе page you want the button to link to. Please note that the URL has to be http://... format.

[button id="" style="filled" class="" align="" link="/donations/" linkTarget="_self" bgColor="accent1" hover_color="accent2" font="18" icon="" icon_placement="left" icon_color=""]Donate[/button]

Step 2: 

Please copy the original demo's code and paste it into the "Text" tab of a post/page text editor.


Here's the original code: 

[inline_divider type="1"][button id="" style="filled" class="" align="left" link="/events/community/add/" linkTarget="_self" bgColor="accent1" hover_color="accent2" font="14" icon="theme-plus2" icon_placement="left" icon_color="accent5"]Add Event[/button][button id="" style="border" class="" align="left" link="/donations/" linkTarget="_self" bgColor="accent3" hover_color="accent1" font="14" icon="" icon_placement="left" icon_color=""]Donate[/button][push h="90"]



Step 3:

Please switch to the Vamtam tab editor and make the changes you need by clicking on the "pencil" icon to edit the drag and drop element. 

Step 4:

Please switch back to the Text editor and copy the edited code. You can use the shortcut setting: Cmd+C / Ctrl+C (for Copy) and Cmd+V / Ctrl+V (for Paste)

Step 5:

Please go to Dashboard > VamTam > General Settings > Single Event (Tribe) > and paste the code in the After Details Content field.


Step 6:

Hit Save Changes button.

Step 7:

To see the changes please refresh your browser and/or clear browser cache.