The theme comes with fully styled Contact Form 7 forms. It is the most popular and easy to use Form Builder plugin for WordPress. 

Please note that in order to use the forms that come with the theme you have to import the Demo Content.

This tutorial explains how to display a form that come with the theme on a page and how to change the mail settings. 

If you want to create a new form, add fields to the one that come with the theme or change the style of the existing forms, please check the official plugin guides at the bottom of this guide.

Displaying a Form

If you do not see the Contact Form 7 panel on the left, most probably you haven't installed the plugin. Click on "Contact Forms" and you will see the list of all forms that you have imported.

Now go to the next step.

Locate the Contact Form 7 drag and drop element in the Vamtam Drag and Drop Builder and insert it into the editor by clicking on it. Locate the "edit" icon on the right of the element and click on it If you use a page from the demo content then locate the element in the editor, no need to insert it. Now go to the next step.

Once the Contact Form 7 option panel opens up choose the form you want to display from the drop down menu. You should see all forms imported with the demo content or newly created. 
You can choose a form by ID or by NAME. Select the from a click on "Save Changes"

Setting up the email address

You only need to fill in the fields "to" and "from"  with your valid email address. 

If you want to change the mail template then please refer to the official plugin documentation at the bottom of this guide.


Customizing a Form

If you need to change the style of the form or the mail template check out the plugin author documentation:

Contact Form 7 Plugin Page

Contact Form 7 Documentation

You may find these Contact From 7 guides useful:



If you need a captcha install this plugin: