1. To remove the flowers elements, seen on the screenshot above, please add this code to the custom css area: 

 .move-into-slider:after { display: none; } 

 .move-into-slider:before { display: none; } 

 Here is a guide: http://support.vamtam.com/solution/articles/200025-how-to-add-custom-css-code-

2. To edit the flowers elements, please replace the .svg images with appropriate ones:

     2.1. For the left element: church-event.vamtam.com/wp-content/themes/church-event/wpv_theme/assets/images/ornament2g-left.svg

     2.2. For the right element: church-event.vamtam.com/wp-content/themes/church-event/wpv_theme/assets/images/ornament2g-right.svg

Please note that these elements are only shown when the class "move-into-slider" is used in the first column.