The defaults Events' listing pages get styles and layout from the general theme's options (Vamtam >> Layout / Styles etc.)

Due to the way The Events Calendar is implemented, you can't easily have local options for the events' listing. Contrast this with WooCommerce which provides a stand-in page for the shop precisely so that you can have local options for this page.

However, you should be able to override the default setting by putting this code in a child theme's functions.php:

function child_event_listing_sidebars( $sidebars ) { if ( ( function_exists( 'tribe_is_list_view' ) && tribe_is_list_view() ) || ( function_exists( 'tribe_is_map' ) && tribe_is_map() ) || ( function_exists( 'tribe_is_month' ) && tribe_is_month() ) ) { return 'full'; }   return $sidebars; }

add_filter( 'pre_option_wpv_default-body-layout', 'child_event_listing_sidebars' );

You can get a sample child theme from