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Please note that the screenshots are for explanatory purposes. The content look may change.

Building a Form

We always recommend you to import the demo contact forms and simply edit their content. You can do it at any time with one simple click:

How to install the theme via the admin panel - Hair Beauty Theme

Or if you prefer, you can build the form from scratch, or use a template as described here:

Editing a Form

Editing Field Settings

To change the field label, label placement, force a field to be required and more simply click on the field to open its settings drawer.  You may also click the blue gear icon to open the field settings drawer.  This drawer is different for each field type.  For a detailed breakdown of field types, see the documentation here and here.

Duplicating or Deleting Fields

Hover over the blue gear icon in each field to expand the duplicate and delete icons.

Preview the Form

Preview any form changes without impacting users on the front end of your site with the preview button here:

Publish the Form 

Once you are ready to push your form changes live to the front end of your site, click “Publish.”

Sending an Email

An email action can be used to send an email to ANYONE after your form is submitted by a user.  Simply use a different “To” email address to send to an admin, a user, or anyone else who needs a copy of the form submission.  You can add as many email actions as you like to your form.

If you have any issues with your form sending emails, please check this troubleshooting guide.

Create your Email Action

Click “Emails and Actions” to open your actions settings.

Click the blue “Add” button to create a new action.

Click “Email” to make your new action send an email.

For how to configure your email action please check this instruction:

You can also watch the attached video. 

Submission Management

Ninja forms plugin saves submissions by default. In case you don't need email notifications, you can use Submissions manager to manage your messages at any time. You can configure your view, filter, edit, delete or export the submissions:

To open the Submissions manager, click “Submissions” in the Ninja Forms menu.

Styling a Form

Ninja Forms creates the absolute best looking forms for your website, but there are still times when your forms don’t look exactly as you expect or desire. This article will explain all the ways you can control exactly how your forms are presented:

How Ninja Forms Handles Styling
The thing to note here is that Ninja Forms adds very little styling of its own by default. Instead, we inherit the styling of your theme, the design layer of your WordPress website. What this means is that if your theme adds basic default styling to all HTML form elements, Ninja Forms will look just as your theme author intended. For additional help, you can contact the VamTam Themes Support Team.

Adding a Form

Vamtam Drag & Drop editor allows you to add forms to the page/post's content using the "Ninja Forms" element: 

You can check this tutorial for further information: Guide to VamTam Drag and Drop Builder / Visual Composer Hair Beauty Theme