Please note that shortcodes are not drag and drop elements in the Drag and Drop builder. 

Using Shortcodes

Health Center comes with many custom shortcodes that allow you to add  custom styles to your post/page/portfolio content. You can get the  shortcodes from the demo website or from the Admin Panel. Above the text editor in the top right side you will notice three tabs - Visual, Text, VamTam.

The VamTam drag & drop editor is tightly integrated with tinymce editor and you can switch to visual or text editor at any time without losing  any changes.

Shortcode Generator

You can easily insert Shortcodes by using the Shortcode Generator that can  be found on the toolbar of the visual editor. You can select the  shortcode in the dropdown menu and simply change the options in the  shortcode editor and then click Insert to insert the shortcode into the  content editor.

Please note that only the shortcodes for styling the text can be found here. In the "VamTam"tab

above the text editor you will find the drag and drop page builder and the remaining list of the shortcodes.

Some of the drag and drop elements come with Visual Editor and respectively you can insert shortcodes into them.

List of shortcodes available in the shortcode generator:


Drop cap




Styled list

Vertical blank space