In order to add / remove the Upcoming events in the single event view, please see the instructions below:


1. You can remove the Upcoming Events section in Vamtam > General Settings > Single Event (Tribe) > simply delete everything in the Footer Content field:

2. You edit the Upcoming events section in Vamtam > General Settings > Single Event (Tribe) > Footer Content field:

Notice! We recommend to copy the content of the field and paste it in a page's text editor > then edit the code with the Vamtam builder (check this guide)  > next copy the edited code from the Text tab of the editor and paste it the Footer Content field.

Set the "Upcoming Events" element as shown on the screenshot below. Please note that your Categories will be different.

If you've lost the demo code for this section, you can copy it here:


[push h="30"]
[column width="1/1" last="true" title="Upcoming Events" title_type="single" animation="fade-in" implicit="true"]

[wpv_tribe_events layout="multiple" style="light" count="4" ongoing="" read_more_text="Read More"]

[push h="60"]


3. To change the Upcoming events' background in single event view, please go to VamTam > General Settings > Single Event (Tribe) > Footer Background