In order to create a Multilingual Site, you have to use a translation plugin. Multilingual plugins offer WordPress users the ability to run a multilingual site with a single WP install.

You can check the detailed tutorial below, kindly provided by Elementor, and learn how to Create a Multilingual Website With Elementor and TranslatePress

TranslatePress is a translation plugin for WordPress that can be downloaded for free and used to translate your entire site directly from the front-end. The plugin is even compatible with WooCommerce so you can easily translate your entire storefront. Main features include:

  • User-friendly interface which displays the translation in real-time
  • Fully compatible with all themes and plugins
  • Support for both manual and automatic translation (via Google Translate)
  • Ability to translate dynamic strings added by WordPress, plugins, and themes.
  • An editorial control allows you to publish your language only when all your translations are done
  • And more.

It’s worth mentioning that the plugin does have a premium version that offers several add-ons which allow you to add unlimited languages, automatically detect a visitor’s language, display different navigation elements for different languages, and more.   

See also this guide: How to set up the TranslatePress plugin?


Translate Wordpress with GTranslate


Free Google automatic machine translation

Hides “Suggest better translation” pop-up

Hides Google top frame after translation

Mouseover effect

Google Analytics integration

Translates the site on the fly

Posts and pages translation

Categories and tags translation

Menus and widgets translation

Themes and plugins translation

Right to left language support

Google language translator widget

Auto-switch language based on browser defined language

Available styles Dropdown, Flags, Flags with dropdown, Nice dropdown with flags, Flags with language names, Flags with language codes, Language names, Language codes, Globe, Popup

Floating language selector

Language bar with flags in menu

WooCommerce shop translation


Multilingual language names in native alphabet

Multilingual interface

Alternative flags for Quebec, Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia

Lazy loading for language flags to boost performance

See also the official Translate Wordpress with GTranslate page