1. If  your issue occurred while you are installing or just after you installed the theme, please refer to the guide:

Common Installation Issues.

2. If your issue occurred, while you are updating / upgrading or just after you updated/upgraded plugins, WordPress or the theme please refer to the guide 

Troubleshooting steps after an update/upgrade

66% of all ticket in our Help Desk are issues related to running incompatible versions of the theme, WordPress or plugins.

You should never update plugins, the theme or WordPress before making sure that they are compatible with each other. 

Please note that the latest theme version is only compatible with the latest WordPress and plugins version. So if you've just bought or updated the theme - you have to update your WordPress and plugins.

Update Guide

If you have an issue, please update your WordPress, theme and plugins prior to opening a ticket. The support staff we'll ask you to do that anyway.


3. Do you have plugins active that did not come with the theme?

If you are using additional plugins that did not come with the theme it is possible that one of them is interfering with the theme. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict what will happen when unknown code is placed into Vamtam themes, so it is always important if you are experiencing problems, to disable all of the plugins that did not come with the theme to see if they are at fault. If indeed the issue is a plugin you can enable each plugin one by one to find the culprit.

If you have an issue, please deactivate all the plugins that don't come with the theme prior to posting a ticket. The plugins have to remain deactivated while the support staff is investigating the issue.

4. Have you made any customizations to the theme?

Before contacting the support team about theme problems make sure customizations you've made are not the cause of the problem. 

By customisations, we mean changes of the theme's files in a child theme, the Custom CSS area or directly not changes introduced by working with the theme options panel.

If you have an issue, remove any custom code prior to posting a ticket. 

5. The problems outlined in the 4 points above are nearly 80 % of all issues reported to us in the Help Desk, so most probably your issue falls in this category.

6. In the rare cases that the issue is not solved by doing the things mentioned in the 4 points above you can check the other troubleshooting guides in the section Troubleshooting.

7. If after reading the guides you are still in trouble please read this guide - How to get theme support