In order to install the VamTam theme via the Admin Panel, please follow the instructions below.

Please note that the screenshots are for explanatory purposes. The content look may change.

Step 1:

First of all, please download your theme from your Themeforest account. Make sure you download the Installable WordPress file only. This is ready to install the file.

Step 2:


Log in to Dashboard. Go to the Appearance panel, then Themes. Click on the Add New button.

Step 3:

Click on the Upload Theme button.

Step 4:


Click on the Choose file button.

Step 5:

Choose the installable zip file you have downloaded in Step 1.

Step 6:

Click on the Install Now button.

Step 7:

Click on the Activate link.

Step 8:

If you are not yet familiar with WordPress, it is a must to import the theme's dummy content. Prior to importing the dummy content, you have to enter your purchase code from ThemeForest and click the Register button:

Please check this article if you don't know where to get Your Item Purchase Key from

Step 9:

The next step is to install and activate the required & recommended plugins.

Choose from the drop-down menu the bulk action "Install" and click on the Apply button.

Required plugins: A plugin offers additional functionality and features beyond a typical WordPress installation. You do not need additional licensing in order to use the plugins below with your theme.

Once the required plugins are installed and activated, you can continue with the "Proceed to Demo Content Import" button below the plugins' list.

Notice: Vamtam Elementor theme requires Elementor PRO plugin - in case you don't have Elementor Pro you can use the free GPL alternative - ProElements plugin available hereInstall and activate it, and then proceed with importing the demo content. If you have any issues with the importer, please open a ticket here. 

Recommended plugins: Please note that the theme doesn't depend on the plugins in this list to function properly. Nor does the demo content importer. Install them only if you are going to use them, otherwise, they may impact the performance of the site or put an unnecessary burden on your hosting.

Step 10:

Once the PRO Elements / Elementor PRO plugin is enabled, you have to make sure that the Permalink structure is set to "Post name":

Now, you can complete the Dummy Content Import. Go back to VamTam > Import Demo Content > Import Demo:

You are advised to use this importer only on new WordPress sites. Images will be downloaded in the background after the main import is complete. Depending on your server, this may take several minutes. In the meantime, you may notice that some images are not visible.

Hooray! The theme's been set up successfully! Now, you can start customizing its content. You're advised to find the setup guide of your theme here:

Step 11:

You can locate all the theme's documentation on the "Support and Documentation" tab:

In case you have any queries outside of the scope of the help materials and the video guides, don't hesitate to submit a ticket on our secure help desk:

Enjoy the Vamtam theme!